How To Order

This custom printer profiling service is available to all properly color-managed environments. In order to gain the benefits of our custom printer profiles, you must have a calibrated display/monitor and a basic understanding of color management.

The Download packet (below) will address most of your questions. The download contains targets/color patches, complete instructions (for both Mac and Windows), and an order form. Please read carefully and entirely our detailed instructions before getting started. Ship your printed targets along with order form and payment and your custom printer profile with installation and use instructions will be promptly delivered by email. Custom printer profiles are $40 each. All international orders are welcomed.

Need help understanding Color Management? The website Cambridge in Colour offers great free information. The books Real World Color Management and Color Management for Photographers offer additional valuable resources.

Tools and Process

We use Gretag MacBeth/X-Rite i1 Pro spectrophotometers and ProfileMaker Pro software to measure and create our top-quality profiles from 1728-patch RGB targets (many profiling services use smaller 918-patch targets). This expanded number of patches ensures superior color control and extended shadow and highlight detail. 


Please see our testimonials page to learn what many of our happy clients have to say about our profiles.