Happy Great Printer Profile Owners


Seth Mayer

California, USA

Jason Kahn

California, USA

Kirk Hamilton

California, USA

Jason Potter

Silverstar Art and Frame

C. Arthur

Texas, USA

Bruce Hucko

Moab Photo Symposium


Thorsten Scheuermann

Washington, USA

Excellent profile. My first 13x19 print with your profile is spot on.”


“This is without any doubt the best profile I have ever purchased. It is dead-on accurate and really gets the 3800 to saturate the paper as the manufacturer intended. The prints are incredibly punchy and beautiful.”

“Fast work, beautiful work, and good value. I will gladly recommend your service to my photo friends.”

"The profiles worked great. Better than I was expecting. My prints have never looked better."

The profile seems to perform as I had hoped.  After printing a second copy of an image, before and after profile installation,  I can see the difference, and I like the improvement.   Basically, the prints were too dark, and now they are not.  Splendid!”

"I will, at any time, anywhere, to anyone, state, categorically, truthfully, honestly and enthusiastically, that never before have I achieved such a close monitor to print match than I just have (on all four papers profiled, I might add) as I just have with your profiles. Thanks Michael! I have returned to the realm of happy printer!"

"I just did a quick test print and it seems the custom profile creates prints with contrast much closer to what I see on screen than the stock profile, with some color improvements too. Excellent, money well spent. When I start using other papers more regularly I’ll be sure to have you profile them as well." 

Chris Bernhardt

Kentucky, USA


James Barker

Photoplace Gallery
Vermont, USA

Larry Barsh

Larry Barsh PhotoArtistry

Nic L.

Montreal, Canada


Shari T.

Shaggy's Copper Country Skis
Boyne City, MI

"I finally had some time to use the profiles. My thought after seeing the prints of some cherry blossoms was - Wow! I’ve never seen prints so rich and beautiful.  I can say for the first time ever I was able to print the photograph and see what I had intended. Thank you very much for all your help."

"I just wanted to tell you that the difference between manufacturers' ICC's and yours are subtle, but they make a huge overall difference in prints for those two papers. And I now have a dead-on match between monitor and print. Many thanks."

"I can't thank you enough for the great job you did on the profile for Canson Baryta. I'm doing some intricate abstracts and collages with multiple extreme colors and variations in color. I've been having trouble getting a match between my monitor and print. Your profile nailed it!"

"Thank you for the great service. This is a HUGE improvement over the lifeless colors I was getting before. Amazing! About a week ago, I was losing hope, but also didn't know anything about color profiles. Your website and instructions were extremely helpful and easy to follow. I will absolutely, positively recommend your service to EVERYONE who owns a printer! Thanks again."

"The printer profiles you sent are performing perfectly. I am sending you another to profile today. Thanks again!"

Gary Hawker

North Hills, California

"I've been in the garment decorating industry for nearly 30 years in a designer capacity. I've always wanted to design and sell my own t-shirts but startup cost was overwhelming. I decided to go the dye sublimation route. After a year of restoring an old Epson Stylus Pro 4000 and filling with dye sublimation inks, I thought, finally….Another 8 months later and still dissatisfied with the output. Everyone I asked for advice, said, "You gotta have a rip". Then I started searching ICC profiles. After being quoted $500-$1250, I figured I was done. I had to give up on my dream. Frustrated and depressed I found www.GreatPrinterProfiles.com.

Much to my surprise, you were very helpful on the phone, explaining the process and the necessity of a custom profile. After receiving my profile I did a test print using a 72dpi photo. I pressed it onto my sample material and holy crap, I'm sold. Best damn $40 I ever spent...You saved my business and gave me the confidence to sell again.

"I just tested your profile and it is great! This HP t120 printer does not recognize canvas so the colors were not bright. Now they are. I had profiles from _____ that I wasn't happy with, so I thought I would try someone else. I'm glad I did. Thanks."

Mark Botkin

Michigan, USA

"The new profiles look great and are a huge improvement over the Canson profiles. I’ll definitely contact you again if I need another paper profiled. Thanks for the fast service."

Mike Teresko


"Amazing!!!!! I cannot express my joy at seeing what I have on the monitor actually print the same way! You have saved me $100's in ink and paper trying to print with an incorrect profile. Thank you again and again!"

"It is the best, i.e., most accurate profile I've ever used."

Ron Johnson

Austin, TX

"I just got a new computer. I calibrated the monitor. I calibrate the photos routinely using a white card and photo-checker-passport. Now with your printer profile everything matches perfectly! Great result and amazingly fast service."

Thomas Riggs

New York

Joe Appel

 Pittsburgh, PA

"Just did a test print. The results were wonderful! I’m very pleased :) "

"Finally, I got to install and try the new profile. I works perfectly – thank you very much!"

Slava Slavic

11 Clicks Photography
Honolulu, HI

"I have used Michael's custom profiles for a few years now. They have made a tremendous difference in the quality of my printed work. I can attest to the accuracy and quality of Michael's profiles, and so can my customers."

Guy Tal

Torrey, Utah

"After more than half a decade, I recently switched from printing on Epson Premium Luster to the Sunset equivalent, eSatin... Although I have printed only a few of images so far on Sunset paper with Michael's profiles, they included my best selling image, which I have previously printed many times. To my eye, the new prints look as good as the one that I previously made on Epson paper. The combination of price, quick turnaround, and quality of Michael's profiles is tough to beat."

Quan-Tuan Luong

San Jose, California

"I just wanted you to know that I'm loving my new printer profiles. The colors on my Epson 9900 have never matched my calibrated display like this before! I finally have a properly color managed workflow and I'm loving it! Thanks again for your help!"

Matt Oldham

Red Room Art
Spanish Fork, Utah

"The results speak for themselves.This was a paper that we bought (in large quantity, I might add) prior to knowing our printer parameters – it isn’t even meant for an inkjet printer. Excellent work, sir!"

Heath Flint

Frazier Industrial
New Jersey

"Thanks for the fine custom EPSON ABW profiles. Because I live in Germany, I wondered if profile delivery would take too long. But to my great surprise, not even five days after I've shipped the test charts, I already found the profiles in my email-box. That's really stunning service. The profiles are great and they make my black & white-workflow so much easier."

Hans-Peter Geiss

Idstein, Germany

"Thank you so much! Your quick turnover is amazing. I am very happy to be acquainted with your service, and I will absolutely recommend you to fellow artists."



Contemporary Art

Los Angeles, California

"I recently acquired a new Canon i6300 to replace my older Epson printer, and the choice to use Michael's profiling service was an easy one. Since I know Michael personally, I was already aware that he is just as fussy as I am, and would ensure that his profiles were perfect for my printer. And indeed they are. Results are superb in every way, and I'm delighted with the prints that I now produce with the Canon, both for my own work and in printing work for my clients. I won't hesitate to use Michael's service next time I add a new paper or two to my lineup."

Danny Burk

Indiana, USA

"...the difference it makes in my entire workflow is nothing short of incredible. I used to think I was satisfied with the canned profiles that came with the printer, but it was only after having a custom profile that I understood how I was subconsciously adjusting my images in Photoshop in order to get a good looking prints with the canned profiles. With the custom profile my whole workflow is much more tightly calibrated. What I see on my monitor is what I can expect in my prints. I will never print without a custom profile again, period! Thank you for offering an excellent product."

Tony Kuyper

Shonto, Arizona

"...I couldn't be more satisfied...I'm every bit as pleased with the results using the b/w ABW profile as I was with the color profile; maybe more so. Prints are coming out exactly as anticipated based on what I'm seeing on the screen, and that - of course - is exactly what we're after. In fact, the second b/w image I printed with the ABW profile...the first test print was absolutely spot on. As a result I can unequivocally offer my hearty endorsement of your work."

Kerry Leibowitz

Chicago, Illinois

“...I did a comparison between the profile they have [ImagePrint] and yours, and ended up liking the results more from what you sent me. I found both highlight and shadow separation to be improved with your profile and the colors were much more accurate to what I saw on the monitor. Thanks for helping photographers like myself and thanks for always answering my questions over these years with such accuracy and timing."

"I am stunned by the print quality that I am finally achieving with the help of your profiles for my Epson 4000. The prints and monitor images are approaching the richness of my 6x9 and 645 Velvia original transparencies. Thanks so much."

Michael Collier

Flagstaff, Arizona

"Thanks, Michael for the profiles. I have used the matte profile on my Epson 7600 and the color rendition was spot on. I especially appreciated your taking the time to help find a way to to get non-color managed printing with Photoshop C5. It obviously worked well. I certainly will be back when I need additional profiles and strongly recommend your service."

Hank Weaver

Goshen, Indiana

"I am extremely pleased with the profiles you have made me. Its unreal, the difference between having a custom profile compared to not having a custom profile. My photos are perfect, and I can see the beauty in all pictures I take. I'm glad I found your page. I definitely will be bringing you more targets."

Steve Raven

Whittier, California

"I wanted to let you know that the profile you made is totally awesome. I am actually finding that your profile is much more accurate than the profiles made for my printer in the past."

Slavomir Dzieciatkowski

Bothell, Washington

“I was never happy with my prints made with the paper manufacturer’s profiles. They were never “quite right”. Since using your custom profile, my prints now look like my calibrated monitor. I get what I see. No more guessing with curve and color adjustments to make the prints look the way I expect. Your profile service was easy, fast and VERY reasonably priced. I have happily recommended your expertise to everyone I know still struggling with canned profiles."

Harley Goldman

Santa Barbara, California

“I immediately noticed an improvement in print color, tone, and, therefore, overall quality using a custom print profile from Michael Gordon over a generic profile. While prints using the "canned" profiles aren't necessarily bad, the custom profile prints are simply superior."

Laurent Baig

Tucson, Arizona

“I just printed some proofs using your profiles. I’m happy to report that they work REALLY well!! The prints actually match the monitor, well a whole lot better than the canned profiles! Now I can concentrate on the image on the monitor and not wonder what I’ll have to change from the master file to get it to print right."

Cory Freeman

Bishop, California

Alan Bornstein

Westwood, New Jersey

"Thanks very much for promptly sending my custom profile. I color manage my workflow in PS CS4 and printed the attached test image with the new profile. Great results. I am extremely satisfied with your service."

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been printing using the custom profile and I am very pleased with the improvement over the the standard profile."

Bill Kirby

Portland, Oregon

“I started using the profile you sent me for my printer/paper combination, and all I can say is WOW! You have just taken my printing to another level! I spent two days struggling with monitor calibration, updating drivers for the printer, and manipulating all sorts of settings in Photoshop, not to mention the countless emails I sent you asking for advice. Your advice and the custom profile made a world of a difference in the quality of my prints. After having used your profile, I cant imagine printing without it."

Martin Stankiewicz

 Chappaqua, New York

“I have started testing your profiles and I have to admit that they make a big difference in the print quality. The wild guessing is gone, the process much faster and the result is much better than I expected. Thanks for your help."

Arnab Banerjee

White Plains, New York

“Just printed out the first couple 20x30's using your profile, everything looks fantastic! I think the blacks are behaving better than they were with the canned profile, which makes me very happy."

Floris van Breugel

Pasadena, California

“Thanks so much for the great profile. What a difference it made!"

Paul Wegemann


"I was most impressed with how accurate images were as printed with your profile. They far exceeded what I had been able to accomplish with many many hours of trying to create printer profiles without a colorimeter. I expect to be preoccupied with other matters for a while, but when I get the chance, I will be ordering additional profiles. Thank you for an excellent job."

Jacob Kirman

New York, NY

“The new custom printer profile has worked wonderfully. After running back to back test prints with the older profile and your custom profile, I truly found that both the color and shadow definition appeared much nicer overall with your profile. Thank you for the excellent profile and very quick turn around.”

Paul Breitkreuz

Corona, California

"I printed a few images to test the profile and I have to say - profile quality is very good. Details in shadows and highlights are more visible now (I was previously using a custom profile which was ok)."

Tomasz Szybowski

New York, NY

"I have had a chance to test the new profile and it appears to be working quite well. It also seems to have fixed my luminance issues as well."

John Emerson

Westlake Village, California

"Canned profiles are nice but there has always been something that "lacks" regarding my satisfaction with the printed result. Using Michael's profile has already resulted in getting closer with an ever-more accurate print. The "distance" between what I see on my monitor and the finshed print is essentially gone. Shadow separation is also much improved, one of my previous gripes. Michael's prices and very fast service are indeed a value and should not be overlooked by the discerning fine art printmaker looking for every tool to better achieve their vision!"

Jeremy Brasher

Eddyville, Kentucky

"I am flat out astounded at the difference. The tonal separation and color in the prints are so much better, world's better, than when I was using the manufacturer's canned profile. Truly an amazing improvement. I have struggled with getting the prints the way I envision them to look and your profile now allows me to attain that goal and I am forever grateful. My only complaint is that I didn't get one of your profiles months ago."

Vance Gese

Quilcene, Washington

"The instructions on your web site are very clean and helpful and the printer profile is great. I had profiles made before by other vendors, but yours is the best of all and I was made in extremely short time. From now on I'll use only your services for all my profile needs."

Milan Seman

N. Arlington,
New Jersey

"Thanks for the profiles, they are working great!  This allows me to get the best
possible results from my Epson 3800

Jeremy Week

Westminster, Colorado

"Thank you for the Red River Metallic Profile.  The prints are just beautiful."

Peter Finkelstein

"Your profiles work really well!!! I had some profiles for these papers made by another profiling service and this morning I compared prints from your profiles and from theirs. Yours are far and away better!!!"

William Harvey

Napa, California

"I applied the profile you created for me and it greatly improved my prints. Your low price is a plus. I'd be happy to try you again!"

Christopher Petrich

Tacoma, Washington

"I was using the profiles provided by Epson for my R3000 and Epson Lustre and Fiber papers; each result was a departure from my calibrated screen image in density, color and gradation and to each other. My first prints with the custom profiles were wonderful on both papers – what I see on the screen is what I get on each paper; the improvement over the profiles from Epson is amazing. Now, if it looks good on the screen, it really shines on the print. In the future, when I try a new paper, the first thing to do will be to get a custom profile from Michael! I sent my profile sheets on Tuesday and had my custom profiles in my email the following Monday. Great service."

Donald Erickson

Colorado Springs, Colorado

"My Epson 3800 was printing too light using the paper manufacture's ICC profile. Another professional photographer recommended that I try Michael's profile. I did, and the profile was spot on. Also, Michael graciously spent time with me on the phone diagnosing a problem that, as it turned out, I had caused at my end. I am very pleased with the product and the service and will recommend Michael's printer profiles to my friends."

 John Ricca

Martinez, California

The profiles are working out great - I am very happy with the prints that I am now generating!

Rick West

Chicago, IL

"Comparing your profile to one made a couple of years ago by Cathy's there is a definite difference.Your blacks are truer and shadow detail is much better. The colors are close but yours wins!"

Jeff Poll

Dallas, Texas

"Michael, thanks for the profile and the unusually quick delivery. I did a quick test and the results are stunning."

David Kricker

 Waltham, MA

"When I recently changed printers I immediately began searching for an affordable and yet professionally accurate set of custom profiles. I found Michael Gordon’s “Great Printer Profiles” and sent him an email to ask if I needed any special preparation for my Lyson Continuous Ink System. He was very helpful including his instructions on how to print the targets using the newer Photoshop CS6.  To make a long story short, I sent the profiles to arrive on a Thursday and the profiles arrived in my inbox by that same evening. I Immediately printed both gloss and matte prints and compared them to the samples that Marrutt had sent me as an evaluation of Lyson inks. They were perfect. The color match was right on target as well as the density (darkenss/lightness) of the prints. The flesh colors were accurate, the blacks and grays beautifully neutral, and both shadow and highlight areas were perfect. I found Michael Gordon’s work to be fast, accurate and very professional. I couldn’t have been more satisfied."

"The two profiles are great. Thanks to your profiles I am back in business."


Angus Mathews

Gallery & Studios

Aransas Pass, TX

"Wow, I barely got back from sending the targets at the post office, and here are the profiles. That was fast!"

James Hoggard

 Fredonia, NY

"I just wanted to leave a note to say I'm really pleased with your product and your customer service is the best. Keep up the good work! Thanks."

Robert Day

Grand Haven, MI

"I wanted to get back to you and tell you how happy I've been with the profiles you made for me. They're the best I've had yet. Thanks!"

Howard Slavitt

Lafayette, CA

"I received my color profile for the Epson R1900 with Ultra premium Photo Paper Luster. Where I had been frustrated with the difference between my monitor image and the print, I am now getting prints that are true to the edited monitor image. The results were great with a recent set of Grand Canyon prints that involved a very challenging range of color and tone. Thank you for the excellent profile!"

Terry Goodman

North Carolina

"The profile works great! Pretty much dead on. Thanks for the fast service as well!"

"I Just made my first test prints with your printer profiles and they are wonderful. Thank you so much -- you have saved me I don't know how much frustration -- and wasted photo paper..."

Phyllis Kedl


"The profiles are outstanding, thank you. What initially prompted me to get custom profiles was that Epson's profile for the Exhibition Fiber is ridiculously off. But I didn't quite appreciate what an amazing difference that extra two percent could make with the glossy and luster profiles, both in terms of shadow detail as well as color accuracy...Thanks for the great work. I will certainly spread the word."

Steven Daly


"The profile that you have created produces a perfect color match on my Epson WF-7510 pigment ink printer. I could not be happier. I am still using an ancient Samsung 21" CRT monitor, but now I don't have to worry about unexpected results from my prints."

Thao Nguyen


"The profiles you have made for me have worked out wonderfully. I am getting a much wider range with darks darker and lights are lighter while faithfully reproducing the colors as soft proofed. Thank you for the great service."

James Christopherson


"Just ran a print test and I love it! Better than the standard profile provided by Red River and very, very close to the reference master that Charlie Cramer gave us in his workshop. I'm very pleased!"

Rick Whitacre


"Great work. Your printer profile makes a good printer better. Many thanks."

Jim Berry


"The profile is excellent – the best I have used!...Colors are smooth with no “hitches.” Thanks for the quick, quality service."

David Hodson


"I could not be happier! Colors spot on including skin tones, neutral BW, and great shadow detail. Many thanks."

Danton DeGuia


"This profile is so much better than what I have tried with several available companies. I am very happy with the results! There is a neutrality and wide range that I have been seeking. Thank you!"

Linda White


"The profile was perfect – thanks. I will be sending you another."

George Schelz

New York

"I'm always glad to get your profiles. They really help me get the best prints possible!"

"Both profiles we created work perfectly in Lightroom 5 Print module with my Epson Workforce printers. There hasn't been one sheet of paper wasted in testing. Thank you for your great service!"

"I'm back :-) The profile was PERFECTION."

Scott Treadway

North Carolina

"I've installed the icc profile and made some test prints. The profile works perfectly! The manufacturer's generic profile for PhotoTex wasn't even close to usable...well maybe for bright prints in primary colors, which may be its most usual application. But it wasn't even close for what I had in mind. Thank you for your excellent service."

Alice Grebanier

New Jersey

"I made a few prints with the new profile today and it is a big improvement over the canned Epson “Premium” profile. Particularly noticeable is the color separation in the more saturated tones and detail in the shadows. I am using the Epson P600 as a proof printer to guide print development for my HP 3200Z large scale final print. Your profile makes the P600 much closer to what I see on the HP with its internally-built spectrophotometer developed profiles. Also, my Atkinson / Cramer calibration files print out pretty close to my profiled NEC monitor, which will benefit my workflow efficiency. Thanks for you quick response."

Steve Combs


"I’m now working with the new profile and, as you predicted, it is spot on! My acid test was a red/magenta/yellow/brown cliff face in strong direct light... It’s a delicate balance but the new profile just get’s it right... I’m a very happy repeat customer!"

Jim Harlan